Alior Bank and T-Mobile Romania launch Telekom Banking in Romania

Alior Bank has launched the Romanian version of TMUB. Services offered jointly with Telekom Romania will be provided under the Telekom Banking brand. The offer will include an internet account with free transfers and ATMs, and - a fresh news in the Romanian market - an online currency exchange. As in the solution TMUB in Poland Alior Bank based on Softax solutions created mobile and Internet banking.

Hybrid PeoPay mobile banking with fingerprint and multicurrency

Bank Pekao S.A has launched a hybrid version of its PeoPay application, the successor of its existing Pekao24 mobile application, and its previous PeoPay payment application. The solution combines the best features of web and native technology.
The functionality of the application has been enhanced with fingerprint authentication and multicurrency, ie the ability to pay abroad in the currency of the country. Multicurrency also allows you to pay for shopping in the convenient way on the phone without additional steps on both Polish and foreign sites with the choice of a suitable currency account. The application supports many authentication methods including: PIN and fingerprint. The system was developed jointly by Bank and Softax programmers. The developers of the Bank were responsible for the Web part, while the native part was provided by Softax.

KIR and ZBP launch QLIK service

QLIK is a unique solution for both the banking sector and the intermediaries in the payment process, which will have a significant impact on the payment market in Poland. Its key advantages are convenience and simplicity of use, both for the exhibitor and the payer. For invoices issuers it is a new and innovative distribution channel for payment information, and for the payer quick access to many obligations in one place - that is in the system of Internet banking - and a convenient way to pay bills. QLIK service is provided by banks using the Invoobill 2.0 system owned by the National Clearing House and electronic banking systems of individual payer banks.
The Invoobill system was developed by Softax.

New electronic banking in Alior Bank

Alior Bank invites the first group of individual customers to use the new internet banking and mobile banking. In the second half of the year, the new version will be available to all individual customers and individuals running a one-person business.

New Internet banking from T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe

he new T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe internet banking is based on the Omnichannel model. There is unified interface in both web and mobile app. A consistent way to navigate makes access easy. Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology makes it easy to use on both smartphones, tablets and computers.

Alior Bank is a prize winner of „Lider 2016”

T‑Mobile Uługi Bankowe has been among the laureates of the "Lider 2016" award from "Gazeta Bankowa" for companies and institutions that implemented the most interesting solutions in the industry last year. Bank took second place in the category "Banking and Finance" for new mobile banking created by Softax

T‑Mobile Usługi Bankowe launches new mobile banking

T‑Mobile Usługi Bankowe, a joint project of Alior Bank and T-Mobile, has provided customers with a modern mobile banking. Application implemented by Softax, available on Android and iOS, introduces new quality in design and functionality. It is one of the few solutions designed in the way to always be one step ahead of others. With the application, customers are much more comfortable and faster to access banking services than using traditional banking services.

The first Polish HCE Mobile Payment System

Bank Pekao S.A., as the first one in Poland, has just launched Mobile Payment System in HCE technology. The solution has been built based on Advantica platform. HCE technology enables the Bank customers NFC contactless payments, without the need to embed the payment card on their phone SIM cards.

Softax is the winner of Technological Competition run yearly by "Gazeta Bankowa"

Mobile Payments System PeoPay was granted 1st prize as the Best in 2014 for financial institutions in the "Product" category of the competition organized by the financial magazine "Gazeta Bankowa", known to be one of the most prestigious award in the Polish banking sector.
PeoPay - prepared and implemented by Softax for PEKAO S.A. is based on Advantica that delivers comprehensive services for payment and card management.

Launch of PeoPay mobile payments application on Windows Phone platform

After a successful start of PeoPay application on Android and iOS platforms, Softax has also developed a version dedicated to Windows Phone environment. From now, most of smartphone users on the Polish Market, can also use PeoPay mobile payments app.

PKO Junior service is now available in PKO Bank Polski

PKO Bank Polski launch new internet banking service dedicated for young generation’s taste and life style. This is one of the first of offers this kind available in the world. The innovative PKO Junior banking service has been implemented by Softax based on its own ICC technology used for electronic channels development.

BGŻ Financial Platform for Business Customers

BGŻ Bank has started a new very modern Financial Platform for Business Customers – build by Softax. The portal uses only one secure gateway for identity management and authorization but offers access to many backend systems with a rich set of services and products. Business customers can also browse up‑to‑date financial and economical analysis information.