Advantica is a complete payments and cards management platform, providing a complete workflow in terms of multi-channel, multi-cards and multi-schema support to payment business.

One of its key features is the ability to be integrated with existing systems (including legacy applications) already present in IT architecture of Banks, Payments Systems Providers, Payment Organisations or Clearing and Settlement Agents.

In 2014 in the Technological Competition organised by a leading banking publication Gazeta Bankowa, Advantica won the title „2014's recommendation for financial institutions”, and PEKAO SA (Unicredito Group) PeoPay product based on Advantica achieved „Hit of the Year 2014”.

Complete support for card paymentsAll products from Visa and MasterCard

Support for credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Unique feature of the Advantica platform is its ability to handle credit and prepaid card accounts. The platform can also integrate card accounts operated in other banking systems.

Full support of EMV and NFC technologies

EMV standard support, including scripts and CAP/DPA or XLS applications. Full support for NFC technology (PayPass/payWave) with CNP and PMS transactions.

Extensive support for card transactions processing

Advantica supports full bookkeeping management for card transactions:

  • payment transactions (SMS/DMS),
  • cashback function,
  • balance-inquiry and mini-statement transactions.

The platform also allows for card provisioning and access, limits and authorisation control.

Non-financial transactions authorization

Full support for transaction limits, including limits per transaction type (NFC, chip, magnetic track or without physical card’s presence).

  • Support for PIN change
  • HSM hardware cryptography
  • 3DSecure technology

Mobile PaymentsPay by phone

Advantica has a mobile payments module.
  • Mobile Payments accounting
  • Mobile apps for smartphones: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • mPOS (Mobile POS) – application enabling acceptance of mobile and card payments
  • All transaction schemas are allowed: NFC, QR Code, OTTC or P2P
  • Supports leading HCE technology (Host Card Emulation) – paying through NFC enabled phone (Android KitKat 4.4 or more recent release), no need to use SIM card from MNO (Mobile Network Operator).

Flexible implementationEasy customization, configuration and adaptability
in a given technology architecture environment

Performs seamlessly in any information systems architecture.
Its key feature is ability to implement a new line of payment cards independently of lines already in operation.
Advantica allows for per product configuration based on one of three possible types:

  • Direct integration with
    Visa/MasterCard (VAP/MIP).
  • Through cards processing switch
    (i.e. BASE24, Connex, Arcsys, Cortex).
  • Placing Advantica in front
    of an existing system.

Service availability managementBackup authorisation in case of brakedown

Advantica has a backup authorisation module STIP. In case of network link failure or core banking system downtime, Advantica is able to do autonomous authorisation of operations through its own platform.

While this provides easy payment services, it may also pose a risk for a financial institution. To reduce the risk, various configurations of limits can be set up for different customer segments, different card products and location or type of transaction.

STIP mode can be activated manually (i.e. in case of planned maintenance) or automatically in case of the backend financial system is unavailable.

Fraud detectionCard events analysis and anti-fraud actions

Advantica has fraud detection function supported by Softax IFD module that is capable to detect faud context. Detection of fraud context is based on a highly configurable scoring module and consists in capturing information about transactions and their comparison with built-in patterns of abuse.

This functionality allows to discover fraud cases related to financial or non-financial authorisations (in online or near-online mode of operations). The fraud detection module helps also in production of SAFE/TC40 report.

Operations supportCard management interfaces

Support for product requests through the use of Softax BPM (Business Process Management).

Full support for card issuing and production.

Support for Call Center Agents (post issue maintenance) through automation of claims management processes, chargeback services, and built-in knowledge management repository (Q&A) that is also accessible to customers.

Full card parametrization, including tools for designing card graphic form that can be done by users themselves.

Support for clearing and settlement – processing of Visa and MasterCard files as well as proprietary formats.

Additional features



C++, Python, Javascript, Linux x86_64


200 authorizations per second
2 million accounting transactions on one server*
* 2 × Intel 2.6GHz; 18 GB RAM

Distributed Architecture

Easily scalable and ready for transformation


System continues performing even with failure of some of the components

Reconfiguration on the fly

Change of parameters without
interruption of service availability.


Leading security protection technologies
with full access authorization