Softax team is a very dynamic group of various IT professionals. We have now over 100 people in positions of programmers, analysts, testers and managers. They have acquired extensive experience on many challenging projects delivered to leading Polish enterprises.

We have a very flat organisation structure that requires knowledge sharing and effective communication. We don’t build formal barriers, preferring subject matter discussions and problem solving as well as independent thinking. We belive we can achieve more by diversity and openess. We value individual talent, knowledge, specialization, communication skills and the ability to teach from each other.

Depending on the size and the complexity of our projects, we can work in small groups or in very large teams. Given large variety of tasks, people will have plenty of opportunity at Softax to perfect their skills and to upgrade their competencies, evolving from theory stage to full professional maturity stage.

Given our attachment to good working atmosphere and our focus on creativity, Softax encourages also extra-curriculum hobbies and interests of our staff members.

Our key values are mutual respect, friendly relations and focus on solid work performance. For loyalty, honesty and hard work we reward by help and care in professional engagement or in case of any personal issues and challenges.

Thanks to our constant recruitment, we are building our potential with new generations of professionals, enthusiasts of the most advanced technologies, tools and programming languages.

Other activities of our employees

3 000teas per month250kgs of coffee beans per month184children during last 20 years

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We are currently not hiring foreign workers.