Who we are

We are a mature enterprise present in IT sector since 1993, with an established reputation and a stable position on the market. We have been working on major projects, mostly for financial intitutions, also building solutions for telecom, logistics and defense sectors.

Our solutions are based on open-source software, as well as our original products, for which Softax is the sole owner and has a comprehensive know how.

Given our proven track record in developing highly complicated enterprise systems, Softax is capable of taking on most challenging projects and can manage sophisticated development on its own and is not afraid of big scale transformations.

We do our best to support customers in achieving their goals by the quality of our solution architecture and software design based on reusable, lean and scalable components, instead of an expensive scaling of technology infrastructure.

Our ambition is to design and build systems that can scale and give high throughput on the basis of an existing infrastructure.

We differ from standard offers on IT market as our final costs don’t include additional recurring license costs for third party products.

Softax in numbers

50% Softax systems are used by about half of electronic banking population in Poland.

40 More than 40 transactional systems have been integrated on our ESB in one of the Polish leading banks.

20 YEARS For more than 20 years, Softax has been providing unique IT solutions to the biggest Polish corporations.

3 000 Three thousands of reusable and constantly modernised components make up the base for the development of our products.

1 000 000 000 000

Softax transactional systems crossed the barrier of 1 trillion of processed messages.

Softax Principles


Building systems based on multi-tier model, ready to be integrated into SOA based environment

Core system

System is build in C/C++
in cross-platform model

Business Logic

Business logic layer is based on Python / Perl / Javascript / XML (also cross-platform)


High availability and fault tolerant environment


Component product structure, each component embeded in universal communication layer

Data Transport

Universal communication layer, independent of middleware and data transport layer


PKO Bank Polski

Our long term co-operation with the biggest Polish bank, brought many successfully implemented projects.

PKO Bank Polski has used our solutions in the development of the internet banking Inteligo brand – that has received many rewards for the introduction of new innovative solutions i.e. three times winner in category Best Internet Bank for its „intuitive transactional system for bank account management” (Newsweek Ranking).

The implementation, multi-channel information systems to support services for retail and corporate clients has set new quality standards, putting PKO Bank Polski in the position of New Technologies Leader.

Bank Pekao (UniCredit Group)

Professionalism, customers base and brand on the local market, have contributed to the success of Euro 2012 payment cards as well as the successful launch of the PeoPay system, dedicated for mobile payments.

The development of PeoPay for an institution that belongs to UniCredit Group, one of the leading European banking group, allowed us to build a universal platform for payments that can revolutionize and integrate the market of cashless transactions in Poland.

Participation and professionalism of Pekao Bank management allowed Softax for further product development and improvements, based on the Advantica platform.


The biggest Polish insurance company that went through a successful transformation and modernization, reinforcing its structure and capital base.

The implementation of an Internet channel car insurance sales platform for a leader of Insurance market in Poland, has motivated us from the start to produce a mature and stable solution.

An extensive portfolio of products incl. property insurance, travel insurance and life insurance has been combined into a very intuitive solution that enable banks to offer insurance products to their customers in their Internet channels.

Bank BGŻ

Bank BGŻ, the synonym of financing in agriculture, food production or regional infrastructure, has been also successful as a universal commercial bank with a very modern offer for various customers.

Given their portfolio of services and products, and EU compliance requirements, they needed a complex but scalable system architecture to handle an extensive set of services. Owing to our ESB (Softax BPI middleware) Bank BGŻ has been able to integrate its application portfolio.

The development of a secure infrastructure IT, efficient and elastic in its use, supporting data exchange among applications and requirements of the BGŻ operating model, would not be possible without knowledge and creativity of its Bank’s management.

KIR (Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A.)

The choice of Softax offer in the KIR S.A. tender for EBPP platform (Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment) was a significant event for Softax and resulted in our strong commitment to deliver a value adding platform. The Tender's subject was the development of an internet channel portal, supporting the presentation and payments of electronic bills, allowing clients access to electronic invoices.

Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A. is an organisation that plays a significant role in the Polish banking sector as offers safe settlement services among banks, financial institutions and other participants of economic activities in Poland.

Currently, EBPP system implemented by KR S.A. is provided as a service, under the trade mark of invoobill, for over 95% of participants in the Polish banking sector. This service eliminates paper based bills and invoices, allowing for a streamlining of payments processes for enterprises offering mass services processing.

Kredobank SA

Kredobank SA, operating in Ukraine since 1990, has achieved a stable and high position in the retail as well as on SMBs loans market. With success, Kredobank SA services contract settlements between Polish and Ukrainian enterprices what is facilitated by its owner (PKO BP owns Kredobank SA and is also its key strategic partner in the region).

Given its size and requirements in terms of service availability and efficiency as well as the need for a modern open systems based IT solutions, Softax proposed its platform ICC (Interactive Communication Center) supporting Bank’s Internet channel. ICC provides extensive functionality to support communication processes and distribution of information between clients and the Bank through various electronic channels.

Kredobank's high competencies and cooperation skills turned out to be a significant support for the successfull implementation of the ICC System.

Crédit Agricole Bank Polska

Crédit Agricole Bank Polska (formerly Lukas Bank) is present in the segment of consumer finance since its inception. It is an ultra-modern bank using innovative IT solutions to conquer customers and to differ from competition. Its market position has been strenghtened through its takeover by Crédit Agricole Group, a significant player in international finance.

Softax has participated in the project of construction and implementation of a centralised IT system. As part of the project scope, Softax engineers have provided electronic channels services support based on Softax ICC platform.

The construction of this system has been a significant milestone for Softax development and a proof of its maturity.

Bank Pocztowy S.A.

Bank Pocztowy S.A. with almost 1,5 million client population, has successfully achieved one element of its strategy: reach people with difficulty to access financial services through polish post extensive outlets network.

The next milestone in its systems architecture development, was the implementation of Internet banking platform - Pocztowy 24. This system with its rich functionality, ability to provide quickly new services and a very intuitive interface, complies with highest benchmarks in Internet banking.

Good co-operation during project delivery contributed to a successful implementation of this portal, which resulted in reaching a higher level of service quality provided in the Internet channel.

Volkswagen Bank Polska S.A.

Volkswagen Bank Polska S.A. started its operations in the late 90s and very quickly received clients’ recognistion for its offer of loan services. Their product and service portfolio is based on high standards and experience, that have been already acquired on the European markets by the mother company, Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

Good perception of clients’ needs and credit requirements for purchasing cars from a large offer of brands and models of Volkswagen Group AG, has brought a success to its key activity.

Shortly after the initial success, the scope of operation has been extended by Volkswagen Bank Direct through offering direct banking services to individual customers and SMBs. Electronic platform supplied by Softax has been used to aggregate all possible application forms. That allowed to build automated support for information systems and speed up credit approval or other requests processes.

Polski Standard Płatności

PSP provides mobile payment solution based on a BLIK system to all participants of the Polish banking market .

Goals that are set by the PSP are the maximum access and mobile payment's convenience for customers. The system provides the possibility of connecting the mobile application’s of different banks and acquirers and mutual authorization / settlement of transactions between them.

Softax expanded capabilities of the BLIK to the eCommerce by implementing solution "Pay with BLIK" in the PSP. By supplementing mobile payments for Internet payments significantly increased the competitiveness of BLIK.

Our experience in this topic enabled the PSP for quick and easy implementation of BLIK in eCommerce, without changing the side of acquirers, which greatly simplified the whole process of implementation.


ITCARD Centrum Technologii Płatniczych SA is the second largest ATMs processing center in Poland.

The main business of ITCARD is the service of ATMs, POS payment terminals, VISA and MasterCard cards payment and authorization of payment transactions. The ITCARD consists of a nationwide network of ATMs Planet Cash, a network of payment terminals Planet Pay and Internet shopping mall Planet Plus.

Softax cooperates with IT Card by delivering modern systems for card transactions in mobile payments.


T‑Mobile Banking Services was formed from T‑Mobile's strategic partnership with Alior Bank, aiming to create the best banking offering on the market. Thanks to the co‑operation of the most innovative bank and the largest mobile operator, new generation banking was born.

Alior Bank's team based on Softax solutions has created a new mobile banking and internet banking. This is a new quality in terms of design, functionality, but also one of the few solutions designed to be one step ahead of others.

Alior Bank

Alior Bank is a nationwide, universal bank that operates on all market segments within the retail and business segment. His product range is aimed at particularly demanding customers, expecting a high level of service and professional advice.

The Bank offers a wide range of banking products, including: mortgages, credit cards, deposits, personal accounts and savings accounts. In addition to the traditional channels of access to the bank's offer, Aliora customers can use Internet banking and telephone banking as well as mobile access to their accounts via a mobile phone.

Softax provides Alior Bank with a comprehensive backend solution for electronic banking.

Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A

Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A. - a universal bank with its headquater registered office in Warsaw was established through the merger of Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej S.A. and BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. The Bank focuses on specific customer segments in retail banking and selected sectors and branches of corporate and SME banking. The bank has a leading position in the agri‑food sector and a strong position in the segment of consumer and car loans.

Softax provides innovative systems supporting electronic banking and continues successful cooperation with the Bank which started in 2005 (at that time BGŻ).

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